To everyone that'll be saying my post is copied from JoeRamirez's, he inspired me to, but I'll make a few changes that'll make it ACTUAL modern warfare and not splinter cell-istic stuff. And I've made everything make more sense.

Assault Rifles:

US Army/ Rangers/ Seals: M16A4, M4A1, SCAR-H/L (They should have both)

Militia: FAL, AKM*, AEK-971

Spetsnaz: 9A-91 Avtomat, AN-94 "Abakan"

SAS/TF141: C7, Steyr AUG, Magpul Masada?, L85A2, SIG 553

Ultranationalists/OpFor: Galil, FNC, AK-74m

Submachine Guns/ PDW's:

US military: Kriss V, Colt 9mm SMG

militia: Skorpion VZ 61, Spectre M4, Uzi

Spetsnaz: PP-2000 Avtomat, PP90

SAS/TF141: MP5A3, UMP45, P90

Ultranationalists: Walther MP, LF57, M93r, TMP

Light/medium machine guns:

US: M249 SAW, M240, M60E3

Militia: RPD, RPK

Spetsnaz: PKM, RPK-74m

SAS/TF141: MG3, MG36, L86 LSW

Ultranationalists: FAL 50.42, PKP,

Sniper Rifles:

US: Barrett M95, M40A5, SAM-R, M39 DMR

Militia: Dragunov, GOL sniper magnum

Spetsnaz: "Vintorez" VSS, SVU, SV98

SAS/TF141: Accuracy International Arctic Warfare L96A1, Macmillian TAC-50

Ultranationalists: Mosin nagant, C-14 timberwolf, M82A3


US: 870 Combat, Mossberg 500

Militia: Double Barrelled Shotgun, W1200

Spetsnaz: SAIGA BITCHES!! (lol jk)

SAS/TF141: AA-12, SPAS-12

Ultranationalists: Armsel Protecta, Neostead 2000 Combat, USAS-12, M1014



US: MK23 MOD 0, Anaconda, M9 Beretta

Militia: Makarov PM

Spetsnaz: Serdyukov SPS, MP443 "Grach", 6P9PB, PSS

SAS/TF141: MK23 MOD 0 also, SIG Sauer P226, Five-seveN

Ultranationalists: Desert Eagle, Automag V


US: AT4, FGM-148

militia: RPG-7, M79

Spetsnaz: RPO-A Shmel, RPG-16, RPG-26, RPG-29, RPG-32, 9K34 Strela-3, 9K38 Igla-1S

SAS/TF141: Stingers, M2 Carl Gustav, Milkor MGL

Ultranationalists: RPG-27


M67 Frags Composition-4 Claymore Night Vision Goggles Laser pointer Throwing knife Molotov Cocktail RGN (direct impact fragmentation after 2 seconds, 4 second fuse) Spotting Scope Gas masks

Special grenades:

Stun Flashbang Concussion (damages enemy significantly more than the stun or flash but has shorter throwing radius) Smoke grenades Gas Grenades Sting grenades


Assault Rifles:

M68 CCO (15 kills)

Grenade Launcher (50 kills)

Suppressor (75 kills)

ACOG sight (150 kills)

Eotech Holo (Kill 50 people with M68)

XM26 MASS (Get 75 kills with grenade launcher)

Muzzle Brake (reduces recoil, flash, unlocked after aquiring 30 kills with suppressor)

Extended magazines (50 bullet penetration kills in general)

Foregrip/handguard (250 kills)

Bipod (150 kills with foregrip attached)

AN-PEQ (laser "aimer", unlocked after 500 kills)

Bayonet (unlocked after 300 kills)

RIS (Four accessory rails allowing for four attachments anywhere on the barrel; accepts grenade launchers, XM26 MASS, BIPOD, AN-PEQ, Bayonet, and optics, unlocked after 750 kills)

SOPMOD (three accessories anywhere on the gun, unlocked after aquiring 1500 kills with gun)

Submachine Guns:

M68 CCO (15 kills)

Flashlight (30 kills)

Suppressor (50 kills)

foregrip (stable, vertical grip allowing for better accuracy during full auto firing, unlocked after 100 kills with gun)

ACOG sight: (150 kills)

Bayonet: (farther, but slower melees, aquired after 250 kills)

Eotech holo sight: (50 kills with M68 CCO)

AN-PEQ: (50 kills with flashlight equipped)

Muzzle Brake: (30 kills with suppressor)

Rate buffer (lowers gun's fire rate to reduce recoil A LOT for better accuracy in fully automatic firing, unlocked after 100 kills with foregrip attached to gun)

extended magazines (500 kills)

RIS (750 kills)

SOPMOD (1500 kills)

Light/medium machine guns:

Foregrip (unlocked after 10 kills)

M68 CCO (unlocked after 25 kills)

Flash hider (unlocked after 50 kills)

Heavy Barrel (More damage and higher accuracy, but running speed is SEVERELY reduced, unlocked after 100 kills)

ACOG (150 kills)

Bipod (mountable bipod eliminating all recoil while mounted, unlocked after 100 kills with foregrip)

Rate buffer (lowers fire rate dramatically to increase accuracy, unlocked after 50 kills with flash hider)

Eotech holo sight (50 kills with M68)

Prototype 2×100 round drums (200 kills with heavy barrel)

RIS (750 kills)

SOPMOD (1500 kills)

Sniper rifles:

Muzzle brake (eliminates a fraction of recoil, 50 kills)

Suppressor (Eliminates noise and flash, but increases recoil, 100 kills)

ACOG (150 kills)

Foregrip (200 kills)

Incendiary bullets (Target catches on fire after being hit. Does 75 damage when bullet hits, every 1 second, the flames do 5 damage to the target. If there are people by the target, they will be affected as well. Does well against vehicles too, but NO penetration is capable with this bullet. Unlocked after 300 kills)

Hollow point bullets (Target will take +10 damage, including multipliers. The hollow point bullets add no extra damage when shot at the legs though. Takes 450 kills to achieve)

Bipod (Mountable bipod increasing accuracy and recoil control. Also eliminates sway. 50 kills with foregrip attached)


Grip (increases fire rate for pump actions, 10 kills)

Reflex sight (50 kills)

Shot Diverter (increases spread allowing for more damage at CLOSE range only, decreases long range damage, 100 kills)

Slugs (Increased damage at long range for less damage at close range, 150 kills)

Larger tube magazine/extended magazine (Higher capacity for either tube or detachable magazines, 300 kills)

RIS (500 kills)

SOPMOD (750 kills)

FRAG-12 (Fragmenting shells that expand with direct impact to hard surface/target. Significant amount of damage but NO spread and almost 0 penetration. 1250 kills)

Secondary attachments:


Suppressor (10 kills)

Armor piercing bullets (increased penetration, but lessens damage multipliers. 30 kills)

LAM (laser Aiming Module. 75 kills)

Red Dot Sight (150 kills)

Extended Magazines (200 kills)

Hollow point bullets (Increased damage multipliers, but less penetration. 300 kills)


Stabilizing fins (straighter rocket shots, 25 kills)

Scope (Increased visibility, 50 kills)

HEAT (High explosive rockets, 100 kills)

Buckshot rounds (Grenade launchers only. 150 kills)








Woodland Camo (10 headshots)


Rusty camo (50 HS)

Muddy (75 HS)

Russian Camo (100 HS)

Blue Tiger (125 HS)

Red Tiger (175 HS)

nickel Plated (250 HS)

Arctic (300 HS)

White Tape (325 HS)


(*NOTE: Any 3 selected camos will be kept throughout your prestiges. ONE TIME ONLY)

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