Alright people, this is hopefully not gonna cause controversy. Please don't make it so, please. Anyways. Which one is better? I like Bad company 2. Modern Warfare 2 took the cake for one of the worst games of this year due to the lack of support of by Infinity Ward and the community. The game is good, but there are some things that the community does to annoy the hell out of me. Campers, no, I hate campers. Bad company 2 is more realistic, it's not too realistic, but it's good enough. Tanks, choppers, humvees, ATV's. Awesome. I like the destructible environments, also cool. There are no claymores, there's RECOIL, guns are pretty average. Sniping is moe realistic (sorta)No FMJ, no FMJ. Awesome, no FMJ, no commando, ninja, HEARTBEAT SENSORS, non-noobish noob tubes.Assault rifles aren't overused (LMG's are) What do you think?

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