this sorta reflects back on Advanced Rookie's blog post about killstreak rewards. Is there anything that should've been included in the game? My idea is that the game should've had killstreaks that you could man physically (chopper gunner and AC-130 are out). They should've had a Humvee as a killstreak or a technical. I think as a deathstreak, you should be able to man a ZPU-4 anit-aircraft gun to shoot down air support as chopper gunners are SOB's. I think they should've had some elements like rappeling and using ice picks in multiplayer. That would've made it at least a little better. I don't know, Infinity Ward had a lot of potential and it let us down, but you know what, the final product still exceeded expectations, but I wish Infinity Ward did this.


What killstreak do you die from the most?

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