For about 3 years now, there has been a war between the Xbox 360 and PS3, every gameplay video on youtube says 360 sucks, PS3 is better. Or PS3 can suck my ass, 360 FTW! If any of you bitch about that, go screw yourselves (JK, I was joking, but seriously, stop bitching about that.) The "war" has been tremendously big on the internet, here is what most people say:

Xbox 360 user: Uhhhh, Xbox 360 is better because it has Halo, Gears of War, and something else. It also has better graphics than the PS3. The PS3 is way more expensive, like $300 more. Stop saying stuf about the RROD, the Jasper chip fixed it! And Xbox Live is wayyy better than the ass-kissing PSN!

Me: Nobody besides 360 users care about Halo, or Gears of War. The Jasper chip still has a 14% chance of failure. Xbox Live is better, but it's been improving for almost 7 years now, PSN is less than 3 years old. PS3 slim is more cheap now because you don't need to pay for anything, WIFI built in, no paid subscription for online, and both have 120 GB hard drives and are the equal price for the console only.

PS3 user: Damn, Xbox sucks! You have RROD, stupid halo, and who cares about Gears of War, PS3 has MGS4, Uncharted, Little Big Planet, and MAG. The graphics are Wayyyyy better on PS3 and it has built in blu-ray, wifi, and no ball-sized power brick! PSN is way better because you don't have to pay for the service! The PS3 has a .002% chance of failure, haha! 360 can kiss his ass goodbye!

Me: Xbox 360 is still better than the PS3, the RROD and paying is still a problem, but it's been gradually improving and has become king on the market. Everybody, may not have halo, but Halo rocks. It's unrealistic, but you know what, it's fun. Now PSN still has problems and is behind Xbox Live. Now, the graphics are actually better on PS3, but the 360, since it was made by Bill Gate's workers, has a better GPU that supports lighting and shadow effects than the PS3 does.You don't get a gaming console to watch movies, it's just that PS3 has a blu-ray player which is an attractive extra, but besides that, the 360 just has more experience with gaming and multimedia function.

As you see there, those are probably what you hear once in a while. If you ask what console's my favorite, I would obviously say PS3 becuase I own one. But you know what, even as a PS3 user, I give 360 an upper rating by a little bit just because it has more experience on the market. For Call of duty, jsut play the game! It's a good game, there are enough people who bitch about the game itself, we don't need more bitchers about the consoles, just play the game!

But remember one thing... PC beats the shit out of both of those. That's a given.


Which of these consoles do you own?

Xbox 360:




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