You know, sniper rifles are by far the most popular weapons in CoD 4 and MW2 because of their damage and the fact that they're montage friendly weapons. Lately in Modern warfare 2, there's at least 1 sniper in every match you go into on eac team or a free for all game. My favorite sniper rifles in CoD 4 are the R700 and the Dragunov while in Modern Warfare 2, it's the M21 EBR and the Intervention. The M21 EBR is my favorite though. Have you noticed anyone who doesn't use an Intervention is called a noob because you spray with the other guns? I mean the Barrett .50 cal is understandable, but the WA2000 and M21 EBR are the ones that need spraying to an extent. The semi-autos are made semi-auto for a reason, too fire off a multiple amount of quick shots in succesion without having to stop and operate it manually or to not reload after every shot. People call me a noob for firing my M21 EBR by spamming 2-3 quick shots, I don't even hipfire it, I look through my scope and keep them pinned down. The M21 EBR's greatest power is it's semi-auto capabilities and a high magazine count compared to other sniper rifles and even some secondary weapons. Any of you who don't trigger spam with a WA2000 or M21 EBR just because of people who called you noob, trigger spam 2-3 shots and show them how effective it is, the hard way. Everybody compares someone's sniping skill by seeing how well they do with an Intervention, I'll tell you right now, every sniper rifle is made differently. The intervention is for picking off single people at a time. The .50 cal is for engaging multiple targets and it's effective against weak vehicles like the Harrier and attack helicopter. The WA2000 is for engaging multiple personnel at extreme distances with great accuracy. The M21 EBR has a far more unique duty which is to lay down accurate cover fire and keep people pinned down. If you try to use an M21 EBR like a .50 cal, then you're not filling your role. If you try to use an Intervvention in a situation where the M21 EBR is useful, then you're gonna have a hard time sniping and staying alive. If you use a WA2000 to lay down accurate cover in rapid succession, the chances are that you're gonna run out of ammo pretty quickly.

Question: Your favorite sniper rifle? why and what attachments?

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