Have you ever run into boosters? Especially the nuke boosters. They just keep boosting until they get what they want. If you don't know what boosting is, it's when a player goes with an enemy player and starts killing them for killstreak rewards such as the tactical nuke. This is most often done on free-for-all but happens in domination, demolition, and any team deathmatch-related mode. Anyways. I actually found two boosters on Estate at the back house, in domination, this is flag C inside the house. My teammate was killing another guy on the other team 24 times straight, I came just in time to stop the guy from boosting. My team lost though, that boosting asshole probably blamed me.

question of the month: Is boosting stupid?




I've done it before:

I think it's stupid, but I've done it before:

I think it's a good thing, and I've done it to get like 45 nukes:

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