Ok, I'll set a scenario. I asked Griever this before.

You and a 12 man squad got ambushed in Afghanistan in the Helmand Province. Only 4 of you guys or girls survived the ambush. Then, God,or whoever you worship (sorry, I hope I don't offend anybody's religion) said that he or she would give you a "primary", and "secondary" weapon in the ENTIRE history of mankind with unlimited ammo. You're out in the field, and no support for 1000 miles out. What two weapons would you pack? There are no restrictions, except that you should make sure that the weight is reasonable, like you're not gonna carry a PTRS-41 and a Browning .50 cal at the same time, that's almost about 150 pounds. You can also have accessories. You can carry a limit of two optics with you, make sure that the attachments are reasonable like you can't put an underbarrel shotgun with a grenade launcher, remember that if you pick a red dot sight and an ACOG scope you can mount it together in real life, and NO HEARTBEAT SENSORS or extended mags(unless it exists for the gun in real life).

That was the question.

Before you ask, I would carry the following:

SCAR-H/w standard 15 inch barrel, Suppressor, Eotech Holographic sight or ACOG scope, XM26 accessory shotgun, sling


PP-2000/w 44 round magazine, red dot sight, suppressor, sling


F2000/w EGLM, Suppressor, Sling


MP5SD/w red dot sight, M203 grenade launcher 6 in. PI modification kit, sling

                                            OR (lastly)

Remington ACR/w 16 inch barrel, suppressor, M203 or whatever grenade launcher the ACR can use (most likely the M320), Aimpoint compM2 red dot reflex sight, sling


MP5KSD/w reflex sight, sling

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