You know, Modern Warfare 2 just gets me sometimes. One time, it's your best friend. For me, it's my best friend except on Tuesdays. Now, one time, it's your beest friend, the next time it just gets you like that asshole who uses all the toilet paper before you go into the stall. Sadly, all of my asshole sstealing toilet paper situations come from unlucky deaths. My worst death was when I was on a roll, I had a 10 kill streak and I was going to get chopper gunner, then my friend (his name is tecsonj on PSN if you wanna add him), sends me a message saying ACR?!!, then he sent it to me again, then I saw a sniper on the top right hand corner of my screen, then my friend sent," ACR?!!" then the sniper got me in the head and it runs out he got like Red Tiger camo after that kill. -_-

My best kill was when I was using my SCAR, I started teabagging this guy's ass while he was planting a bomb, and then when he was done planting, I shot him in the head. No, I'm sorry, my best kill was when I was using an F2000, I shot through one of those fences on Highrise with the green sheets covering them, and after 3 bullets, I got a headshot, buzzkill, longshot, and I got Digital camo for the F2000. That guy was probably pissed.


What weapon do you think is overpowered?

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