Aghh. I hate boosters. The last week have been filled with boosters in FFA games. I caught 5 boosters in 4 FFA matches alone. What do you think about boosters? What tactics do you have against them?

What I do:

1. Look at killfeed: it shows if the same people are killing each other over and over again.

2. Use heartbeat sensor?: I think there will be some dumbasses who don't use ninja.

3. Use explosives: Launchers like AT4 and RPG-7 are well suited to booster hunting due to their large blast radius and no minimum range. C4 is also well suited if you're gonna stalk boosters.

4. UAV: Some dumbasses will boost with something other than cold blooded.

5. Sitrep: May or may not need it. It certainly makes booster hunting easier. If you keep seeing tactical insertions popping up over and over again, it's probably boosters.

6. Search common booster spots and look around isolated areas: Boosters aren't gonna boost around an obvious area (i.e. helipad in highrise).

7. If they leave, keep joining session (XBOX only). If you're a PS3 user, just let it go, or add them as a friend and join their session, and keep stalking them. Or just tell your friends to spam them with messages.

8. Soundwhore: Use the game's dynamic audio to your advantage. Listen to footsteps or tac inserts popping.

Give your tactics and thoughts guys/girls.

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