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  • Codgod13


    November 10, 2011 by Codgod13

    The title says it all. Recently, I've been looking up gameplay videos and review for mw3, as I can't play it right now (looking at you, playstation) an dI've seen a massive amount of trolls commenting on the videos. Things like 'is this a review for Mw2?" "Mw2.5" and even, "How, nice bias ign. Enjoy the money activison sent you." You get the idea. In the comments, act as if you were a BF troll responding to this.

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  • Codgod13

    Spec ops vs Nazi zombies

    October 20, 2011 by Codgod13

    This is something I am really looking forward to. Nazi zombies survival was a hit in WaW, and perfected in Blops. Spec ops in mw2, in my opnion, sucked A--. But MW3 Spec ops will also be using the survival type gameplay that made NZ suxh a hit. This is my first post ot his wiki, but i am a very large contributor to the Deadliest fiction wiki (its awesome, ask Jar teh marksman if you dont believe me). So i will be handling this as a dw battles. SPEC OPS... vs... NAZI ZOMBIES! WHO! IS! DEADLIEST?!

    Nazi zombies has many advantages over Spec ops. For one thing, and most importantly, we know its actually good. Spec ops was a flop in mw2, while NZ was what a lot of people said the best thing in Blops. While SO we know looks awesome, NZ we know is. T…

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