This is something I am really looking forward to. Nazi zombies survival was a hit in WaW, and perfected in Blops. Spec ops in mw2, in my opnion, sucked A--. But MW3 Spec ops will also be using the survival type gameplay that made NZ suxh a hit. This is my first post ot his wiki, but i am a very large contributor to the Deadliest fiction wiki (its awesome, ask Jar teh marksman if you dont believe me). So i will be handling this as a dw battles. SPEC OPS... vs... NAZI ZOMBIES! WHO! IS! DEADLIEST?!

Nazi Zombies Advantages

Nazi zombies has many advantages over Spec ops. For one thing, and most importantly, we know its actually good. Spec ops was a flop in mw2, while NZ was what a lot of people said the best thing in Blops. While SO we know looks awesome, NZ we know is. That's a pretty big advantage.

Another thing is that having zombies in the mode adds a sense of goofiness and casualness to the game. This is helped by periodical cries of "So your dead now... But you were dead before... Ah, F--K you." and, "K to the I to the A, Zomb--ch!" It seems more goofy than Spec-ops, and in that way, more fun.

Also, NZ adds the goofy element with perk-a-colas. Turning perks into drinks was pretty genius move by treyarch. This co-incides with the pakc-a-punch machine. IMO, this is one of the greatest things in zombies. Nothing beats running around wtih juggernog and a zeus cannon blowing anything that gets in your way to high hell... good times. Another cool mehcanism is the random box. I have spent so much time looking away from the mystery box tea-bagging no one in particular and hoping there will be an HK-21 when I turn around. Combine all this with power-ups, fights on the moon, bosses, and endless hoaredes of the undead, you've got yourself a seriously fun way to spend your time.

Alright, we've seen the zombie arsenal, now let's take a look at what Spec-ops has to offer.

Spec Ops Advantages

Nazi zombies is pretty damn fun, but Spec Ops has its own pros.

For one thing, casual is good sometimes, but not always. Sometimes you want to feel like your the last guy on the lines, desperately trying to survive an endless attack by the enemy. You want to have that sense of seriousness like you are actually a soldier on the front lines. Casual and goofy isn't always good.

Second, you can use killstreaks in spec ops. While it is indeed satisfying to blow a zombie's head off with a ray gun, it is in my opinion even more so to meet an unstoppable juggernaut who thinks he's all kinds of bad until you bring a predator missile down on his head. When the smoke clears, you have one dead juggernaut. And that's just one streak! Bringing in your own juggernauts, helicopters, and whatnot to devestate your enemies is something Nazi zombies doesn't do (for the sake of fairness), but since SO soldier have guns, Killstreaks are fair game.

Also, there is mission mode. While survival will probably the main attraction in Spec ops, mission mode has you complete specific objectives. While zombies new maps do keep it fresh, missions offer a little change-up once on a while.

Lastly, there is the ranking system. In spec ops, you actually rank up by conmpleting more things and getting to higher levels. You can unlock new weapons, attachments, and whatnot. Treating spec ops like a multiplayer thing is a really smart move by IW and will make the experience all the more interesting.

The Verdict

Both modes are undoubtedly really fun, with their own pros and cons. But if I could only pick one mode, I have to go with... hold on... caclulating... beaming to moon... AOL update... bathroom break... killing aliens... shooting a donut... spec ops. While NZ is undoubtedly very fun and goofy, I kinda like the whole real-world survival in spec ops. Also, NZ has been proven, but its also getting a bit old, while SO hasn't even been released. The cool little mechanisms liek the pack-a-punch helped Nz, but overall, I favor Spec Ops.

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