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  • Codguy1324

    C.O.D Ghosts sucks!

    November 19, 2013 by Codguy1324

    Wow. I just got C.O.D Ghosts the other day, and my mind was blown.... the wrong way. Let's face it people, Cod Ghosts is not good at all. Many, many glitches, bad campaign, not many options, the graphics engine has been the same since 2007, and the only redeeming quality of a C.O.D game... Multiplayer... Is the worst I've seen since the original C.O.D. So for me, I'm crackin' the case of Black Ops 2, MW3, Black Ops, and MW2 again. I just can't reccomend C.O.D Ghosts in any way. Not on PC, Xbox 360 or PS3. So save some money and just get GTA 5 or something. -Codguy1324

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  • Codguy1324


    January 20, 2013 by Codguy1324

    I don't know why people buy COD games just for multiplayer. The games were made for more than just multiplayer. They were made for campaign, they were made for co-op, hell, they were even made for adjusting the brightness on the screen! Some people may say i'm talking out of my ass (excuse my language.). But it's true. please people, i'm tired of having to play Team Deathmatch because nobody's playing special ops. Please people, play some spec ops or campaign once in a while. Thats all for now. Catch ya on the flipside. -Codguy1324

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  • Codguy1324

    On sites like Youtube, Twitter, And even Myspace, I've heard alot of talk about Cod:WaW being full of hackers and noobs. So true..... Yet so false. Some multiplayer game modes have lots of hackers, some dont. the game modes that dont have hackers are: "Team Deathmatch"...... and thats about it. but "Search and Destroy" is hacker free 2/3 of the time. "Team Tactical" is hacker free 9/10 of the time. Cod:WaW is not completely dead. Yet the majority of the game is full of hackers, so owners of Cod:WaW, dont throw your copy out. just enjoy the few hack free game modes while you have it.

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