Well, we all know that the new map Overwatch has been released. Great. Buuuuuuut... Does that mean that there will possibly be no Highrise in the content packs further down the road? I mean-- it was a great map and all, why did they have to go and make a brand new one instead of just revamping the old one? And the same goes for the map Piazza or whatever ya call it, released in the first content pack. I forget where, but somewhere, I heard that the inspiration of the layout of Piazza came from Favela. Let me guess, that means no Favela either. What's next? I'm hoping that they'll bring back one of the MW2 favorites, such as Terminal, or Modern Warfare maps, such as Crash or something of that nature. Honestly, if they keep "remaking" these popular maps, they have no clue if everyone will like them or not. Give the crowd a nostalgic, popular map, and there'll be a 100% chance that people will be happy. Or I could be wrong. Leave any comments, rage, or w/e below and discuss I guess...

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