First things first...

Alright. So. Some of you may know that I have a minecraft server. And to make things easier, I've decided to make it so that everyone can get on.

Well. Thanks to, I have aquired some world saves that would be very beneficial for us, as a matter of fact, they're maps such as Equestria, Fallout Equestria, Cloudsdale, Discorded Equestria... and I think that is it. These worlds are very awesome, and could be quite the place for awesome Roleplaying. Down below is a list of characters that we have so far...


Mane 6:

Twilight Sparkle-

Applejack- TWTIA (AKA DatTree)

Rainbow Dash- Phillycj


Fluttershy- Madnessfan34537 (AKA... Same name xD)

Pinkie Pie-

The Cutie Mark Crusaders:


Apple Bloom


Background Ponies (they're still important!)

Derpy Hooves-





Vinyl Scratch- Neek (AKA NeekyPat)

Original Characters:

Comet Firehooves- Captian Rainbowdash (AKA Burningwater202)

Cod4's OC - Callofduty4 (AKA iceecreamguy)

(There are more, leave a comment if you want me to add someone)

How to join...

If you want to join, Leave a comment below of your Minecraft username, and what pony you would like to be. To make things much more interesting, I suggest getting the Mine Little Pony mod. It really adds to the fun. But otherwise, the server will work just fine for anyone. The IP address is as follows:

WARNING. The IP is subject to change as time goes on.

Be ready to have a great time!

Skype is not required to play, but I understand that it makes the whole thing a bit more enjoyable. So if you're going to use skype, I'd suggest you situate it out on the server, to make matters a lot more simple, and safe.

Anywhooves... That is all. Bai.

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