• Commandery

    TF141: Dark Days

    July 11, 2010 by Commandery

    "Roaaaaaaaaaaach!" Ghost screamed. Next Ghost's body fell down, the bullet in his head attesting that he wouldn't be getting back up again. Shepherd

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  • Commandery

    Which type of AR fire is better burst or rapid?

    Pros and cons of:


    Rapid allows for double kills and a continous stream of fire that is easier to provide cover with. While it is also better for steady fire it eats up ammo quicker plus if you have a high recoil your shot will be firing all over the area.


    Bursts allowa for easier switching from target to target and eats up ammo slower than rapid. But you can't get double kills and covering is pretty hard.

    Which on do you think is better?

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  • Commandery

    Which gunship do you think is better: Apache or Pavelow?

    Both are helos and both use chainguns but differences in speed and altitude make the Apache and Pavelow very different.

    Pros and Cons of the


    The Pavelow flies in lower altitudes and as such is easier to spot enemies on the ground but if enemies can get above the pavelow and take it out with rocket launchers. Its slower speed allows it more time to react and spot enemies but also makes it harder to dodge missiles that are not guided.


    The Apache has a faster engine and climbs to higher altitude but is also faster giving it less time to spot enemies. It also give enemies less time to shoot but also gives it less time to shoot as well. It can evade unguided missiles easier as we…

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