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  • Commisar1945

    I have a range of ideas for a possible DLC.

    WARNING: These maps do not have much story inspiration.

    Complex: This map is set in an abandoned storage complex in a secret location. There are three teams: MI6, CIA and the KGB. It is a large map with many new features like trams, ziplines and a new free-running system. Also, vehicles such as bikes, cars and even fork-lifts will be usable. There will be shafts that you can crawl through, and interactive shaft doors, so you can drop out of the bottom of a shaft and surprise your enemies. Also, there is RC-XD tunnels that run under the map.

    Snowdrift: This map is set in a city in Iceland. This map will also feature three teams: Arctic MI6, Arctic KGB and a new team, Camouflage Black Ops. Like the las…

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  • Commisar1945

    If you are a fan of zombies come to this blog page! The intention of this page is to make it a big zombie discussion page, where you can talk about what you want in DLCs, talk about easter eggs, and other zombie things.

    Well, I'll leave you guys to it!

    "Moving Out!" Commisar1945 21:27, December 18, 2010 (UTC)

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