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    This blog was created to help educate people on a system that has been demonized for years. I hope to free you from cold war propaganda, to enlighten you about the real meaning of an ideal. I will try write this as short as possible while still getting the point across.

    Communism is a socioeconomic system in which there are no classes (social classes), and everything is of common ownership (including production (produce)). There is no "private" property, no hunger, no poverty, and no discrimination, we are all human, we are all one people united. The economic balance is achieved through collectivization, in which all resources are sent to the head government, then equally distributed among all citizens regardless of their positions. When th…

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  • Commissar. Dmitri

    Treyarch has released a video preview of the long awaited "First Strike" map pack on Youtube.

    So what are your first impressions? are you going to download it?

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  • Commissar. Dmitri

    New Patch Out!

    December 15, 2010 by Commissar. Dmitri

    Treyarch has now released a patch for the Xbox 360 and PS3. They addressed several issues and have added new features:

    • Over 400 brand new Contracts
    • Practice Dummies (aka, AI bots) in offline Local Split Screen
    • A new camera editing mode in Theater called "Dolly Cam"
    • "Load Multiplayer by Default" option for the PS3

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