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    Starting now (May 6, 2016), season pass owners of Black Ops III with recieve a weapon bribe that gaurantees one gun or melee weapon and ten rare supply drops in the black market and ten liquid divinium in zombies. In addition, from this day forth, any player that earns 75 wins in multiplayer matches will earn a one-time only weapon bribe and ten rare supply drops.


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  • Comrade Hamburger

    Before I start, I want to make some things clear.

    I do NOT support the idea of weapons being only unlocked through supply drops when they can be purchased with real money.

    This blog is made to express my opinion and to see another perspective of the situation and NOT to change your opinion. 

    The main reason I believe the game isn't pay to win is because there are many variables in winning a gun fight other than using a gun with good stats such as: Connection, player visiblity, remaining health, the player's location, ect.

    I am mostly annoyed by people saying the game is pay to win because as soon as a new gun is discovered a lot of people go: "THIS GUN MAKES THE GAME PAY TO WIN EVEN THOUGH I HAVE NO INFORMATION ON THE GUN'S STATS!" Okay people…

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  • Comrade Hamburger

    After playing many hours of slaying zombies in Black Ops 3 decided to share my terrible thoughts on how awesome and awful some of the weapons are as well as some other opinions (not including Dead Ops 2). The infromation here are my opinions (mostly bad ones), not facts. Also this isn't really a serious blog.

    MR6: It makes zombies died poorly and I can't customize it even though I leveled it and unlocked attachments for it. I hope that Treyarch allows us to add attachments and camos to it. I decided to play some muliplayer and unlocked the pink camo so I can have cute pink pistol to shoot zombies in case Treyarch lets us customize it in the future.

    RK5: Just like the Mister 6, but it shoots three bullets at once and kills zombies better when …

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