After playing many hours of slaying zombies in Black Ops 3 decided to share my terrible thoughts on how awesome and awful some of the weapons are as well as some other opinions (not including Dead Ops 2). The infromation here are my opinions (mostly bad ones), not facts. Also this isn't really a serious blog.


MR6: It makes zombies died poorly and I can't customize it even though I leveled it and unlocked attachments for it. I hope that Treyarch allows us to add attachments and camos to it. I decided to play some muliplayer and unlocked the pink camo so I can have cute pink pistol to shoot zombies in case Treyarch lets us customize it in the future.

RK5: Just like the Mister 6, but it shoots three bullets at once and kills zombies better when not pack a punched... okay it's nothing like the MR6.


Submachine Guns

Vesper: For only an exceedingly high 50 more points, I can get a VMP that has 30 more bullets than the Vesper

VMP: 280 Bullets for 1300 points! The MP5(K) only gave 150 bullets for 1000 points.

Kuda: Like the Vesper except that I don't waste as much bullets thanks to lower rate of fire.

Pharo: Why must this have so little ammo and burst fire?

Weevil: 400 Bullets is many bullets, but doesn't get more when pack a punched.

Bootlegger: It's like the MP40, but costs twice as much.

Assault Rifles

ICR-1: Why does this have so little ammo?

KN-44: It's like the Kuda in assault rifle form.

M8A7: It's really good for a wall gun.

Shevia: Best used when shooting zombies in the face.


Man-O-War: Does well job at hurting zombies.


KRM-262: An amazing weapon for the somewhat high price of 750 points that can easily bought at round 2.

Argus: Does well job at hurting zombies.

205 Brecci: Like the Argus, but shoots faster.

Haymaker 12: Like the 205 Brecci, but shoots faster.

Light Machine Guns

BRM: It has many bullets and even more bullets when pack a punched.

Dingo: Less bullets than the BRM, but does more hurting.

48 Dredge: Why does a 6 round burst exist?

Gorgon: Gives the most pain, but has the least amount of bullets and shoots slowly.

Sniper Rifles

Locus: I like bolt action rifles, just not for slaying many zombies that are trying to murder you.

Drakon: Like the Sheiva, except it's not awful.

SVG-100: I don't much fun with this cause it does almost everything slowly.


XM-53: Only a 2 round "magazine" or whatever it's called for rocket launchers when upgraded.

Wonder Weapons

Ray Gun: The shots don't penetrate through zombies.

Apothicon Servant: Is cool.

Wunderwaffe DG-2: I shot zombie, then zombie kills me, then zombie dies.

Wrath of the Ancients:  It's wicked OP when upgraded.

Special Weapons

Apothicon Sword: I like swords better than guns, but I hate the steps of getting this sword.

Annihilator: I don't know why, but it doesn't feel special.

Ragnarok DG-4: It's amazing, but I hate waiting for a rocket test.

My wishlist of changes that have like a 11,000,000,000,020,000,080.8250115% of not happening

1. Add the Razorback and XR-2 to the mystery box to replace the VMP and HVK-30.

2. Replace the wall Shevia with the MX Garand and buff the Shevia.

3. Make some or all the burst fire weapons full auto when pack a punched.

4. Bring back the Olympia cause I miss using a double barrel shotgun in zombies.

5. Bring back the Ray Gun Mark II or maybe make a Mark III.

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