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Weapons Appropriate for Thermal-ling

When the big-screen TV is being used, I have to play on a smaller TV. My eyes aren't all that great so I like to use thermal sights a lot. I'm currently in love with the M4A1 w/ Thermal Sight. I prefer low recoil. I've tested other weapons with thermal, but it's hard to get 170 kills with a weapon. What would you reccomend I try to get the thermal sight on? By the way, thermal is best on a weapon that does not just have recoil that resets before the next shot (assuming that the weapon is automatic), but has low recoil. The motion-blur of the scope makes weapons with easy to control recoil due only to a lower fire rate hard to use. For example, the TAR-21's jerky side-to-side recoil actually isn't that high, but the shaking and increased recoil forces me to burst-fire.

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