(to bypass the leaking removal i will not be releasing actual informaition even though apparently infinity ward doesnt really care about leaked info as much as treyarch)

not much is actually known about about survival mode for mw3 but this is what i can think it will most likely be

  • 4 player co-op fighting endless waves of russian infantry and vehicles maybe even juggernuats.
  • point system will be score only not used for currancy as the fact the enemies have guns that you can pick up .
  • none enemie weapons will be scattered around the maps at most likely airdrops in between waves and ammo being scarce to find.
  • certain equipment could possibly be found such as c4,uav laptop (or whatever they call it),claymores,stinger missiles or javelins,motion sensor.
  • possible level up system where you pick a class and level it up and do more damage with that type of weapon that your class uses giving people more of a reason to play it after their done with the singleplayer and leveling up on multiplayer one way that it could work is each level up you can use a different weapon from that type such as assault rifle's,smg's,sniper's,lmg's,shotgun's.
  • a vary important part of this will be to find a place to hold down because unlike zombies the russians will have guns and can shoot you from any range.
  • perks will most likely not be in survival or at least perk a cola's wont be in it of course reviving teamates will be in it and if it is waves of enimies than i suppose that when it is over the teamate will respawn but probobly not with a weapon except a pistol as that would be stupid to have a fully loaded assault rifle when you had barely any ammo left when you died.
  • other than that i think it should be pretty much like nazi zombies except without some magic box,hell hounds(probobly will have dogs though)some little girl laughing at you i think it should be good

note there is no leaked info in this blog this is purely my thoughts on what i think this game mode should be like there isnothing to upset activision or any gaming company plese do not remove this blog it took me an hour to write and i do not want to try and write it again there is once again NO LEAKED INFORMAITION IN THIS BLOG

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