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back to the basics

G36C unused reload animation MW3

The G36C in Survival Mode, equipped with a Red Dot Sight

MP5k Holographic MW3
in mw3 if you notice closely the gameplay has the graphics of mw2 and the gameplay of modern warfare now i think that this was a smart idea because cod 4 was asolid game very good gameply and very fun to play even 3 cods later people still play it despite the hackers modders etc. in fact i think the very reason that world at war was a flop it was supposed to succeed cod 4 but at heart people couldnt get used to going from modern warfare gameplay vs. ww2 gameplay now this is only my opinion but still as we have seen the cod 4 g36c has returned as well as the cod 4 mp5 as well as the old ak74-u as seen by a pick up icon so do you think this back to basics move will kill the game or just make it better.

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