As of Feburary 26th a new dlc/game will be hitting the steam market place:sniper elite v2 NAZI ZOMBIES (actual title name) and yes this takes alot from nazi zombies from treyarch as in the whole thing.There are four main characters a american one a japanese one a russian one and a german one (sound familiar) they are battling the undead soldiers through war torn germany im not going to divuldge to much on the dlc because that is all that is known about it so far.

And before you say that im a cod fanboy that is hating on this game.I have played sniper elite v2 and i loved the game but this does infringe on some rights that call of duty already has.Now im sure that treyarch or activsion is going to stand up and file for a lawsuit on 505 games or rebellion games for creating this expansion but im wondering what are your thoughts on it do you think that its a good idea,that its a blatent copy of zombies from treyarch,or do you not even care about them doing this as you think both either suckor you just dont give a fuck about it.

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