Hi guys, I just thought of this theory that came up in my mind, it might be dumb, but what the hell. When I was looking into both 115 lore and necromorph and Marker lore, I noticed that there are few connections to the two. In cod zombies Lore 115 is a mysterious element that has either unknown or little explanation or origins. All we know is that 115 can be used to create the undead, generate power (Found out in Origins and others),  create perks, and can be used in weapons. It also can make people insane (One possible example is Richtofen), sick, or stereotypical if certain exposure. In Dead Space, Black Markers have a mysterious background, and can transform people into Necromorphs, as well as power things. It also makes people hear voices, see or hear dead loved ones, and can make people insane. It can be possible that Black Markers have either 115 or an advanced 115 element in them. Now you may say "How can the storyline be connected when Earth is destroyed but in dead space, it is still present", we have to remember that Richtofen 2.0 killed Richtofen 1.0, hoping to kill the others to stop the Apocalypse from happening. It is possible that he's not truly stopping it,  but rather preventing it happen early. " How can 115 become from zombie infecting, to a horribly mutating virus?" If 115 is a virus or pathogen, than its likely it can evolve. I might edit this post, and I'm glad to hear your arguments or addings if you agree or are interested. 

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