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  • Cpl. Wilding

    This is the ONLY time I will say this: Unless you put your character's picture and weapons on the Gallery page, you WILL NOT be in the story. PERIOD.

    So, thoughts? I don't want to clutter up the signup blog for this.

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    June 15th, 1938. Almost a year before the infamous "Danzig or War" demand from Germany. Tensions are high everywhere. The Allies - The United Kingdom and France - await anxiously as the Axis - Germany, Italy, Japan and her puppet of Manchuria - begin aggravating their positions, with war raging in Asia with Japan against the various Chinese warlord factions, Germany annexing Austria and with Italy annexing Ethiopia after a year-long war, it is clear the Axis are not what they claim to be. With the lights and cameras set on Germany-UK/French relations, it's only mere months before an event occurs that lights the gunpowder keg that is Europe aflame.

    Here's what gonna happen:

    • I will update as time permits.
    • There will be two perspectives other th…

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    Leave of Absence

    June 30, 2010 by Cpl. Wilding

    I've realized lately that I need to take a break from the Wiki for a while. RL has caught up to me with my truck needing repairs, my aunts and (10 yo) niece coming up and everything with girls I know. Basically, I'm a tad bit stressed and I need to take a break for a while. But before I go, I would like to make some apologies:

    Darth: I realize that lately we haven't been on the best of terms, but like I've said above, I'm stressed right now and I wasn't thinking straight both when I voted oppose and when I typed out that message to you. Perhaps when I come back, we can work things out.

    Whiskey: Rethinking, I was wrong. You definitely have admin qualities in you and I was way off-base when I voted oppose.

    Everyone else: I've been a bit of a sh…

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    June 27, 2010 by Cpl. Wilding

    So, I've been thinking of making a montage of COD4, WaW and MW2. It will feature "Trigger Happy" by Weird Al and "Hide and Seek" by Imogen Heap. (The only part of this song would be the bit used on an SNL skit)

    Specific parts in the montage:

    COD4's AK-47 (Opening part, firing and kill during the lyrics "I got an AK-47 ya know that makes me feel all right")

    4/MW2's Uzi ("Got an Uzi by my pillow helps me sleep a little better at night)

    Launcher multikill (During "there's no feeling any greater than to shoot first and ask questinos later")

    Sniped Spetznaz (during "Gotta be ready if the commies attack us tonight")

    .44 Magnum headshot ("I'll blow their brains out with my Smith and Wesson")

    Shotgun kill on a German (possible singleplayer, to correspond…

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    Very straighforward. If you don't understand this, then go to hell. :3

    Anyway, girl I like I've described in an earlier blog post of mine. But for those too lazy or unwilling to looks through my blog I will do my best to describe her here.

    She has long, black hair she usualy keeps up, usually I like a girl's hair better if it's down, but I like it either way on her. She dances in the same theater group I'm in, it's also how we met. From what my friends have told me, we're a good couple, and I believe something's really there, but I won't know until I talk to her about it..which I've been forgetting to do. She always, and I mean ALWAYS, has a smile. Basically, she's about the best girl I've ever met.

    So, how about you guys?

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