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Describe the person you are with/like

Very straighforward. If you don't understand this, then go to hell. :3

Anyway, girl I like I've described in an earlier blog post of mine. But for those too lazy or unwilling to looks through my blog I will do my best to describe her here.

She has long, black hair she usualy keeps up, usually I like a girl's hair better if it's down, but I like it either way on her. She dances in the same theater group I'm in, it's also how we met. From what my friends have told me, we're a good couple, and I believe something's really there, but I won't know until I talk to her about it..which I've been forgetting to do. She always, and I mean ALWAYS, has a smile. Basically, she's about the best girl I've ever met.

So, how about you guys?

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