So, I've been thinking of making a montage of COD4, WaW and MW2. It will feature "Trigger Happy" by Weird Al and "Hide and Seek" by Imogen Heap. (The only part of this song would be the bit used on an SNL skit)

Specific parts in the montage:

COD4's AK-47 (Opening part, firing and kill during the lyrics "I got an AK-47 ya know that makes me feel all right")

4/MW2's Uzi ("Got an Uzi by my pillow helps me sleep a little better at night)

Launcher multikill (During "there's no feeling any greater than to shoot first and ask questinos later")

Sniped Spetznaz (during "Gotta be ready if the commies attack us tonight")

.44 Magnum headshot ("I'll blow their brains out with my Smith and Wesson")

Shotgun kill on a German (possible singleplayer, to correspond with " I accidentally shot Daddy in the den")

Closeup on dead German ("I mistook him in the dark for a drug-crazed Nazi again")

Closeup on wound ("Why'd you have to get so mad? It was just a lously fleshwound Dad")

Noscope with a bolt-action ("Still haven't figured out the safety on my rifle yet")

Either A: Hellhound kills

B: Dog kills ("Little Fluffy took a round better take him to the vet Filled that little kitty so full of lead we'll have to use him for a pencil instead")

Kills with an FAL with RDS/Holo ("Got a brand new semi-automatic with a laser sight")

.357 kills ("I always keep a Magnum in my trunk now ask yourself do you feel lucky punk?")

And the very end would be a pistol headshot, where "Hide and Seek" would begin playing. It would also be in slo-mo to keep with the SNL skit. If you haven't seen it look up "Dear Sister SNL" on Youtube. Let me know what ya'll think.

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