I have some friends who are very into warfare (generally squad tactics) and we've been planning an op. It's been titled "Operation Cold Shoulder". It's similar to Wardriving in terms of outline, but it's very different. How?

For one, we're using NERF guns. I've taken the Recon CS-6, attached the Longshot's scope to it and I'll be the sniper of our three-man team.

Ace, one of my friends I've known since I was 2, will have his Longshot modified with the front barrel extension of my CS-6 with a flip-up sight.

Boss will have a Vulcan EBF-25. A machine gun in other words. In case you're wondering, we're all using callsigns instead of our real names. I'm Ghost, in case you wanted to know.

Two, we have mock Predator Missiles and Sentry Guns. I have an ancient computer upstairs which I'll have a Youtube video up with a Predator montage up.

Anyway, the baasic mission outline is we've been selected to infiltrate an enemy base, download any sensitive data to the DSM, then defend the base. After X amount of time, we'll exfil. Any comments are appreciated.

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