June 15th, 1938. Almost a year before the infamous "Danzig or War" demand from Germany. Tensions are high everywhere. The Allies - The United Kingdom and France - await anxiously as the Axis - Germany, Italy, Japan and her puppet of Manchuria - begin aggravating their positions, with war raging in Asia with Japan against the various Chinese warlord factions, Germany annexing Austria and with Italy annexing Ethiopia after a year-long war, it is clear the Axis are not what they claim to be. With the lights and cameras set on Germany-UK/French relations, it's only mere months before an event occurs that lights the gunpowder keg that is Europe aflame.

Here's what gonna happen:

  • I will update as time permits.
  • There will be two perspectives other than character views: Men on the ground living the battles and the majors and generals that plan them. I will write one part forming the battleplan, while the second part will be the battle itself.
  • You can have both ground soldier and commander characters, but for my sanity stick to one.
  • Remember, the year is now 1940. Most armies are still using bolt-actions and Germany is only field-testing the MP40.
  • This will NOT be historically accurate. Germany may be defeated in mere weeks, the USA may join the Axis, D-Day may be a failure, Germany may never attack the Soviet Union. Keep this in mind as you create your characters.
  • Only Captain Price will be seen as a Call of Duty character. Dr. Richtofen will not be making an appearance and neither will Der Reise.

Character template (for foot soldiers, highest rank will be Captain. For commanders, lowest rank will be Major and highest rank will be Maj. General)





Weapon(s): (if commander remove this)

Role: (if commander remove this; your role is obvious)


My character:

Name: Markus Wilding

Age: 39

Rank: Major

County: Germany

Bio: Originally a politician, Markus enlisted in the Wehrmacht after the end of the First World War to ensure more men would not meet the same fate his brother did. He quickly rose to the rank of Major and has proven himself to be a superior tactician. He is widely known and feared among the Allies for researching new tactics.

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