Just once, just once I'd like to get in a multiplayer game in MW2 where I actually have a shot at winning, where my teammates aren't dumber than rocks who couldn't take down a Harier if they tried, where I can creat a killstrak and get my first AC130, and where the other team isn't full of a bunch of immature 9-year-olds who got mics and are screaming and yelling all sorts of crazy crap into them.

But seriously, MW2's multipler system is total shit. I'm ready to give up on it. Why? Take tonight's match for example. I get dropped into a game where I'm already losing 4700-9800. Before I can even walk two steps forward, the game ends. Next match, I think I'll get put on the good team. Wrong. It's Domination and the other team is full of people with Fall camo'd M16s with Holographic sights.

I exit, then find some more matches and next game get a total of 4 kills and 14 deaths with a Riot Shield. I was half tempted to camp just so I could not die every 5 seconds. Later, I equip my AUG HBAR and try taking down some air support. Good, done that. But now there's a guy in my face and I have a total of 2 seconds to pull my gun out and pull the trigger.

Knifed within seconds.

It's been like this ever since I got CoD4. I try to play online and once in a blue moon I'll have a game where I can dominate the other team and get a game winning kill. But all the other times I'm gasping for air just trying to unlock stuff for my guns. I'm 49 and I'm getting thrown in ongoing matches against levle 50s-69s with Akimbo 1887s and superpoweredomgikillyouwithoneshot guns. I'm not even kidding, I couldn't even beat down a guy that was lagging with my riot shield. I can get a jump on a guy and see him first but he can turn around and kill me with one burst form his M16/FAMAS.

I'm done now.

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