• Cpt. Carebear


    May 18, 2010 by Cpt. Carebear

    Hello, haven't been on here much, or the Mass Effect wiki either (busy doing assignments) and I an just saying a friendly hello to all my friends, don't remember names...usernames, same shite different stink. Never been good with names, remember faces and personalities. ANYWAYS, ignore the little spaz-out I just had. Just wanted to say hello, guten Tag, and that I've been on the site a bit, not a lot. Like I said, assignments...yes, video games, music... coke and chips. My kind of assignmetn (English, Media Studies and HPE).

    OOHH! Some good news I've got for you:

    Getting a laptop soon, have to pay it off, going to get Mass Effect 2 on there and possibly Modern Warfare 2...possibly.

    To 808 and Mau5, thank you guys for all the help you've given…

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  • Cpt. Carebear

    Okay, long story short. I was talking to 808 sometime last week and he ended up getting me to download Blender, a 3D editor thing (btw: thanks 808). So after a while, about an hour, of pure annoyance I've slowly started to grasp the idea of it. Now this is where part of the problem lies, my computer, the one I am currently using, doesn't like to multi-task, at all.

    I can run about two or three programs at a time before it choses to shit itself, thus I have come to the conclusion that I need a laptop, nothing flash, just a little one (10" screen) for 3D editing, storyboard making, script making, ect. My mother has one condition, I clean up my room and the study area, which are say the least, messes. Now I would've cleaned up my roo…

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  • Cpt. Carebear

    Moving wikis.

    May 7, 2010 by Cpt. Carebear

    Just wanted to say, after the shit-storm I was caught in the middle of, trying to stop, I'm moving to the Mass Effect wiki. I don't care if there aren't goodbyes, say it if you want to, I'm just pissed off right now. And there's a huge chance I won't be coming back for Black Ops.

    Cry a river if you need to, go drown in it if you want to. I couldn't care less.

    Cya on the flip side.

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  • Cpt. Carebear

    Some advice?

    May 4, 2010 by Cpt. Carebear

    I've been talking to this guy I like over the past few days, we were close once, he was my best friend's boy friend. But here's that hard part, I like him, but I also like my friend, and she hates his guts. Like seriously hates him. He's coming up for the weekend and I don't know who to hang out with, the guy or my best friend. I don't see they guy much nowadays, because he goes to a boarding school, he used to be in a public school but moved. And I'm excited about seeing him, but I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. If I hang out with this guy, and his friends, my best friend will think I ditched her, and I don't want that to happen. Cause she'll end up hating me as well.

    So...can I just ask, when is it okay to date/hang out with you…

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  • Cpt. Carebear

    As you may or may not know, I have a sister, she is dizty. The one that gets herself blind-drunk and can't remember last night, I've pulled a few pranks, but that's besides the point. She wants a gun lisence. I want a place to hide.

    To show you how 'good' she thinks she is:

    I was up at my cousin's house last week end, on Saturday, and my brother, my cousin and I were shooting. Just for fun, a little Diana air rifle, and my sister decides to join in. By this time she didn't have any drinks. She didn't hit a damn thing, and we were just shooting metal ducks, the kind you see at fairs. An hour later, she comes back, kind of tipsy, and finally hits the duck...after ten shots (from the air rifle). Proud with her murder of a metal duck, she goes t…

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