I have been coming to a realisation over the past few days, mainly due to the fact that the start of school is always piss boring, but that's besides the point, now I have noticed while playing the games over again (WAW, MW1&2) that there are a few things that don't make sense.

One being the fact that Roebuck wants Miller, AKA Roebuck's bitch, to burn the grass to find the Banzai chargers' spider holes, sure, it's a plausible idea. The only problem I have with it is....the fact it's pissing down rain (or in other terms, a torential rain) and you're under heavy fire. Now, I'm not sure about you guys, but I have never used to flamethrower in that god forsaken level, screw Roebuck in fact, I want the Sull back.

Which leads on to my next point, why must the good characters die? Yes, you're all thinking it, why do all the kick arse characters get fatally wounded whilst the piss poor excuses for people live? Some examples:

  • Gaz
  • Chernov
  • Sullivan
  • Ghost (I personally don't like him)
  • Roach
  • Rook (yeah, not a major character but still)

And the list goes on, I am just too lazy to feel like doing them all ( wording isn't the best today) because of a few reasons which I will not discuss right now. Don't worry, this is almost over just a paragraph more to go (if you consider about 5 sentences to be a paragraph).

Why must is always be the British, Americans and Russians in the wars? Seriously, in WWII we (being the ANZACs) also fought along side them, we save our countries from invasion, we're awesome and funny. Why the hell don't we get a character in CoD? We got...Rook. and that's it, hell, we don't even know he's Australian. We. Need. Some. Diggers. Now.

Blog finished, feel free to common, just don't rant.

PS. Does anyone know how to find the area of a trapisium? (Maths home is due tomorrow, and music, and science, and english.)

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