So..yeah, English......fave subject (last year it was, my teacher was a bigger gaming freak than me). But this...half term (five weeks) we're doing a report on any topic of choice.

Bad move, teach. I've chosen the subject of 'do violent games actually influence the young population'. Now, being fairly young (15, but I'm much maturer.....:D) I don't really remember much about my early gaming years. But I can safely say that I've turned out....somewhat normal.

So I just need a little help:

  • Your opinions on what violent games are
  • Your opinion on how they effect the young children that play them
  • Do you think that there should be stricter classifications
  • Personal experiences with games

I think that should do now. I only got told that I am going this today, but I should get it over and done with as soon as possible. And...the teacher hates me so I have to prove that I'm a good student.

Okay, I also need a little bit of help with my Media Studies assignment as well. Now, I have to pick a video clip (because we're doing it on music and video clips) and I want to analyse a really good one. I just don't know which songs I should do. Because, most of the video clips I've got aren't exactly my teachers in, heavy metal and thrash metal. I was possibly thinking on doing 'All Nightmare Long' or "The Day That Never Comes' by Metallica and 'Got The Life' by Korn.

Problem is:

A) Metallica songs are long as is...not hating on them (they're my idols) and the video clips are even longer. Just wondering if 8-9 minute video clips would be too long for my teacher to watch....she has, let's say, a short attention span sometimes.

B) Got the Life has a bit of swearing in it...but nothing overly bad.

I was also thinking on analysing a stereotypical video clip by some popular artist....this area is not in my comfort range, so I need some suggestions there.

Please, keep this civil, I actually need to do a report, and part of that report involves input from people and their views on the subject (of young children playing violent games). It'll be either put into a pi graph or some sort of bar/line graph. Depends if I'm not lazy.

Don't put anything stupid or offence. As I may quote some of the interesting points on here, again, report needs input from real people. Thanks, it'll be a great help for me.

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