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Here's an idea: we need diggers

Okay, for those who have not read my User Page; a digger is an Australia/ New Zealand slang term for a soldier. So translation: we need more Australian diggers in more games.

How many do you know that are actually confirmed Australia? Meat? Rook? Hell, the TF 141 boys wear two seperate flags for Christ sake, we don't know if their Australia or American or British, do we? Yes I may sound a bit, oh, I don't know, patriotic, but sometimes I can be. Whoever wants to see some ANZACs in the games post please, get the word out and maybe it'll spread like the STD and Infected callsigns.


From Cpt. Carebear (who is being 100 per cent rational and serious about this matter, I'm sick of us Aussies being left out to dry while the Poms and the Yanks get all the glory.)

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