My sister bought an iPod on the weekend, a classic (besides the point) and I got/stole her old iPod touch, one of the first versions. Now, here's the problem. Only minutes ago (well about an hour ago) it was working fine, the music was playing, everything worked and I was happy.

But then I needed to restore the iPod and update it. But every single time (I've tried six times now) it comes up saying "iPod could not be restored." Then something about an error. Freaking errors. Freaking iPod. I want to throw it on the floor out of pure furstration and abhorrance, but the bastard's already got a crack (three actually) in it, and I don't want to break it. I'm too 'poor' to buy a new one because I'm saving up to fix my guitar and buy an xbox 360. won't restore, and it won't update, it won't even show up on the itunes device list.

So, basically, it's an expensive paper weight right now. And I need it to work. Need, dammit. There was no way in hell I was going to listen to her old music, I'd rather shoot myself with my BB gun. And I've said, and done that.

Can anyone help, it would be a great help and I'd thank you.

On a side note: Is it worth $1200 on a dog? I mean, I got the dog for free (pounds are a good place...erm....RSPCA I mean) but she's got skin cancer and this giant lump on her shoulder (which isn't cancerous) and several new skin cancers showing up. So I need to pay for the surgery to cut the lump out (which is the size of a grape fruit) and the skin cancer, and also freeze the new ones. I am strapped for cash now.

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