Just wanted to tell you a story, that I found interesting, that happened to my family a week ago.

So, at about 12pm my cousin (dad's cousin, actually) drives into our drive-way. Not that out of the ordinary, family do that all the time to ask dad to play golf. But, this time my cousin was practically in tears, now I don't know about you, but seeing a 30-something year old man in tears isn't a normal thing. So I get my dad out of bed and I walked back outside. My cat started hissing and meowing (he thinks he's a dog) at my cousin. My dad, my mother, my cousin and I start talking about what was happening.

Turns out that my cousin's mother (a fifty year old lady) picked a fight with my dad's aunty, who is 80+ years old. So this is where is starts to get weird, but apparently, they should have 'settled' this matter in court. Of course they didn't, Aboriginal people don't do that, they hold me. Anyways, so we keep talking, and my cousin says that his mother got some of her granddaughters to fight my Aunty. WHAT THE SHIT? 20 year old women fighting an 80 year old lady. This shit was getting weird fast. But my cousin, being the honourable man he was, asked my father to help out the situation before it got into a huge war. Too late, then my aunty got some of her granddaughters to fight my cousin's nieces. You still with me here? I have a huge family...19 aunties and uncles on one side and about 10 on the other.

So, my dad being one of the eldest men in his family sorted this whole deal out. He's a wise man, lazy, but wise.

I'm beginning to think that because I'm related to my aunty that I might be on the 'bashing-list'. But...all I need to do is wear a sari and I'm safe. Yes, I'm implying I look Indian.

But, do you think this is a bit....retarded to say the leasts?

Also...just a random story that happened to my uncle (on my mother's side), his three pigs got stolen. Who steals pigs, these aren't valuable pigs...just breeding pigs. And the ad to find them was funny, "Help Leigh's three little pigs find their way home." They were all about 150kg.

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