So, I justed wanted to show you people that I'm not just random on this site, I'm just plain random. Blaim my mother, she tried to throw me off a cliff.....

Anywho, here's just a few of my favorite past quotes that I've blurted out, yelled, screamed, muttered and cried.

  • Leave. Me. Alone. I will punch you in your dick, sis. (To be fair, I was tired, we were roadtripping and she was taking pictures)
  • Essen sie meine schiesse, dirnjehund. (Okay, my German teacher didn't unerstand
  • Yes, we want things that go boom. BIG EXPLOSION, BIG SUCCESS! (Nikolai is an awesome character)
  • OMG! Bug, bug,! (In ag, when we were on the bus)
  • You sing 'The Wheels on the bus' and a wheel from this bus will be scraping the inside of your colon. (Ag, again, friend started singing)
  • Wait, why would you want to go drinking with me....if I'm like this already, think how I'll be drunk. I'll be fucking epic! (Ag, again)
  • I don't Rihanna trying to piss off PETA by raping a zebra and a lion? (Whilst watching 'Rude Boy')
  • wanking arm hurts. (Shooting an air rifle)
  • I know how it feels to pull an all nighter. (Day after air-rifle-a-thon)
  • Name this element (AU): Fred. (Science exam)
  • Man, I wish my homework was asexual, so it could do itself.
  • If I hear the words "Silver Chair", "Metallica", "Michael Jackson" and "You suck" in your next sentence, get ready for a flamewar....teach (argument with old Music teacher)
  • wonder the people in your English class are failling, they have you as a teacher (music teacher again..he misspelt 'baroque')
  • Well...if baroque music is after Reneaissance music...then cheese is before classical. (Music)
  • I flew on a pink unicorn named Charlie, why? (when people ask me, how'd you get here?)
  • Well... If I weigh up the choices, I could live for a thousand either blue, pink or purple...have only daughters and breed with any alien. Why the shit wouldn't I be an asari?
  • I hate you Ghost, you're such a push over, Gaz was way better. (Randomly when I hear Ghost)
  • ......And one time at band camp...I was eating a cookie and a bear came out.
  • Pedo-meter? Oh, shit..yeah. Pedometer. My bad. (In physics, misread pedometer)
  • Wait...nnooo! I want Hayden to wear an extra small, extra pink tu-tu dammit! (In maths)
  • Maybe if I that won't work. I'll burn the freaking block down. (In chemistry...playing with bunsen burner and chemicals)
  • That's what he said (friend said "It's hard and like...stiff", referring to 'turd experiment'(suger and sulfuric acid))
  • sings sulfur by Slipknot*...Sorry teach..little sidetracked, y'know. (Teacher was talking about sulfur)

Just a few, I've got a lot more that I can remember. I've got selective memory, but it's good.

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