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Need help, and just a check up

Okay, long story short. I was talking to 808 sometime last week and he ended up getting me to download Blender, a 3D editor thing (btw: thanks 808). So after a while, about an hour, of pure annoyance I've slowly started to grasp the idea of it. Now this is where part of the problem lies, my computer, the one I am currently using, doesn't like to multi-task, at all.

I can run about two or three programs at a time before it choses to shit itself, thus I have come to the conclusion that I need a laptop, nothing flash, just a little one (10" screen) for 3D editing, storyboard making, script making, ect. My mother has one condition, I clean up my room and the study area, which are say the least, messes. Now I would've cleaned up my room today if my mother didn't dump a queen sized matress on a double sized bed. Which makes cleaning under it hard, as for everything else, I'll chuck it in the cupboard, it's huge. But my dad made it'd fall appart soon, I reckon.

Plus, I'm sure some of you people are familiar with the graphic designing collage, QANTM. Now, for me, the nearest one is about three hours away, and they are having a trial day for school kids. Now, this is on the 2nd of October, four days from my birthday. I was wondering if I could con my mum into taking me down there for the day, or even the week, seeing as it will be my birthday.

I am willing, and wanting, to do all the courses but the main ones I wish to do/further study in are 3D animation, Game Designing and script making. It's only two years of that's fairlu good (unlike a friend that has to study 4 years).

So what do you think I should do?

Is it good that I'm thinking ahead like this, I'm only fifteen and I've already made up my mind, I have to save up for the collage fees, but my friend and I are planning to live in a flat somewhere in Brisbane and go to our collages? Yeah.

Also, wanted to say hello to all. Guten Tag...well it's night now, so....Guten Nacht. :D

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