I got this message while I was playing domination on Terminal (and mind you, I was kicking virtual arse). I disregarded it until I finished the match. I read it and it said, something along the lines of:

"i like boobies, do you like boobies?"

I was justing wondering which one of my friends sent this to me, a PSN along the lines of firefox or something similar. Why the would you send that to me?

And, also, it appears that I cannot escape chain mail online, if you are thinking about sending it to their the CC or bp06 account, I strongly advise you not to because I may respond with a harsh comment, like I did on the message above.

P.S. To the person who sent me that, you owe me a 'not-giving-a-fuck' meter. Thank you, send it to 1234 Fake Street in Nowhere Land in Narnia.

And yes, I did get that insult off of Lars Ulrich, if you're wondering.

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