So I was on holidays, hence why I was away for a week (I almost died due to lack of internet). I was at my sister's wedding.

Anyways, I had to get my nails done...and I got somewhat (freaking) high off the chemicals, besides the point, and then after the wedding I went to a shooting range. Cause that's what normaql girls do, go to a shooting range and bitch non-stop about getting nails done.

So I went there, and they had these pistols to chose from:

  • .22
  • .45
  • .44 Desert Eagle
  • .50 Magnum Revolver

I chose the .45, my sister (I dragged her along) chose the .22 and my brother chose the .50...Cause apparently, doing the Deagle again wasn't fun enough for him.

So the guy starts to talk about how the gun works, my sister is lost and kept asking why the mechanism kept flying back, to which I explained "It's a recoil-reload action." The guy nods in agreement.

He gives me my gun, the .45 and gives me three mags.

He gives my sister the .22 and gives her five mags.

He gives my brother the Magnum and gives him five bullets.

Now, the guy warned my other sister (one with a camera) that the revolver was loud. To explain it simply:

  • .22 made a 'ping' type of noise
  • .45 made a kind of 'bang' noise
  • The .50 made a fucking 'BOOM' noise that I actually felt.

The sister with the camera almost threw it at my brother.

Also, on a side note, don't get your nails done, at all. It's hard to type, play games and reload a gun.

Also, again, this was the first time I had gotten the opportunity to shoot a pistol, I'm used to shooting hunting rifles. So excuse me for sounding hyper about it, I had to endure an hour at a salon, the least my brother could do was take me to a shooting range (and pay for me, of course).

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