Hello, haven't been on here much, or the Mass Effect wiki either (busy doing assignments) and I an just saying a friendly hello to all my friends, don't remember names...usernames, same shite different stink. Never been good with names, remember faces and personalities. ANYWAYS, ignore the little spaz-out I just had. Just wanted to say hello, guten Tag, and that I've been on the site a bit, not a lot. Like I said, assignments...yes, video games, music... coke and chips. My kind of assignmetn (English, Media Studies and HPE).

OOHH! Some good news I've got for you:

Getting a laptop soon, have to pay it off, going to get Mass Effect 2 on there and possibly Modern Warfare 2...possibly.

To 808 and Mau5, thank you guys for all the help you've given me with the Blender thingy...well, actually you didn't help much but it was the thought that counts..actual, it's the brain that does, not the thought. But yeah, thanks.

What else? Going to help out Ag farm with showing their cattle. Really excited because they're starting up a stud (Droughtmaster stud). I'm getting two kelpie x cattle dog pups on the weekend as well. Really excited about that.

Getting robot chicken on DVD, shit yeah! Mindless fun!

Not so good news.

My bird froze to death on the weekend

I figured out that if you give someone a frostie (burn them with deoderant) then light it on actually lights on fire.

Got carpal tunnel from playing GH: Metallica on Hard as well as trying, and frankly failing, to complete Buckethead on hard. Also, God Of War 3 is awesome.

Dumbest thing of the week, so far:

So yesterday I was in maths, drawing characters (nothing from here, people are too hard for me) and my teacher tells me to stop. So I stop. But I didn't do anything else, passive resistance FTW, but I overheard this dirnejehund talk to the teacher. Awkward for the teacher because my friend told him a few weeks ago that this chick liked him. Class has never been the same since. After she had miscalculated a wage, and ending up with $22k per week as a wage, the teacher remarks "Well, if you make that much you must be a barrister." Now that dumb-shit remarks, and I use that with a strong emphasis, "That's that, a stripper."

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