I was playing free-for-all (actually it was Mosh Pit, but FFA game type). And I kept counter-sniping this sniper that laid down TIs in the small building (across the bridge on Underpass). About ten or so kills later, I decide to call in my attack helo. Which only seems to target him (he's an idiot if he didn't have cold blooded). He gets pissed and starts yelling at me for being a noob (yeah like an Intervention is noobish) and says I have no skill. Yeah, no skill....just happened to get a ten head shot kill streak. I didn't have a mic at the time. But I sent him a message saying (thank god no one noticed me):

Dear dirnejehund,

It is not my fault that the attack helicopter only seems to be targeting you, by now you should've realised the smartest option is to switch to a class with cold blooded, but then again, you look like an idiot, so I doubt you would have thought about that. Now, I do not wish to instigate a fight with a person who has a small mind and seems to respawn in my sniper rifle's sight. Sure, it's not your fault your mother threw you off the stairs, I'm sure she had her reasons. But do not call me a 'noob' for killing you repeatedly, you're a moron.

If you wish to take this matter into a private match, I am still sure I'd beat you with an Intervention, a snipe-off maybe? Hell, even I versed you and you had an LMG, I am sure I'd beat you with a FAL. Like a said before, not my fauly you're an idiot. It's probably some genetic disorder, in that case, don't have bab-- I mean don't breed under any circumstances. We don't need your stupidity plaguing the world, that's what the zombies are for. Now, if you don't mind, I think I see you again. Before you finish reading this sentence you'll have dropped another TI just in case, then I would have killed you, let you drop another TI then kill you again. Stop TIing you idiot.

Cheers, bp06.

What do you think about it? Too harsh? Too soft? Didn't feel like personally attacking someone I don't know, not unless they piss me off too much. But I did a bit. He did say that I was a, and I quote, "fat guy that will never get laid." Far from the truth.

What are the best insults you've ever said to anyone?

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