If you guys had a brain in your butthole, you would do nothing. If you had a brain in your head, and poo in your butthole, you would do this:

Call of Duty: Black Ops was a HUGE success! But this Christmas, Black Ops sales will Quadruple. You guys should release one last Map Pack. Not an ordinary Map Pack, a Game Enhancer! It should fix some Balancing problems and minor patches in the Update, but Change the Game in the map Pack. If you want people to put Black Ops down, and pick up MW2, try this:

More Maps - Duhhhhhh

More Killstreaks - That will attract some Huge attention. How about a Little Bird, Blackhawk, and a new Airstrike killstreak. What about an enhanced Radar like the Blackbird, except its an EC-130. What about a Hellfire killstreak, a UAV that has multiple Predator Missiles.

More Guns - Some new guns would be nice, like some more Assault Rifles? Why not include the M40A3 and the Dragunov? How about the AK-74u ? More guns from COD4 would be huge.

More Equipment - Get creative!

More Attachments + Perks - This could be interesting...

What do you guys think, would you start playing MW2 again? Would this be popular? What else should Infinity Ward do? Comment below! Please, don't flame me, just trying to have fun.

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