Killstreak Wishlist for CoD WaW2

What do you think should be done? Heres some new Killstreaks:

3 Killstreak - Spy Plane - Shows enemy position on minimap.

5 Killstreak - Counter-Spy Plane - Disables enemy radar for 30 seconds

6 Killstreak - Kamikaze - Be the pilot of a crashing plane.

6 Killstreak - Airstrike - Planes come and drop bombs.

6 Killstreak - Mortar Strike - Bombard 3 enemy positions.

7 Killstreak - Bomb - Air Drops a box full of TNT. Move it to an area, Plant it, Detonate it. Huge blast, 5X of a Predator Missile. Possible to defuse when planted, but not detonated. Defuse time: 3 seconds. Defuser gets it.

7 Killstreak - Attack Plane - A plane flys in with gunner. Easy too shoot down.

9 Killstreak - Emergency Supply Drop - Drops 4 Crates. No ammo, high killstreaks. All above 5.

9 Killstreak - B17 Bomber - Bombs the map.

9 Killstreak - Armored Attack Plane - Same as attack plane, new plane, more armor, explosives rounds.

9 Killstreak - Smokescreen - Map gets covered in smoke dropped by bombers, teamates get masks. Enemies can't see hardly.

10 Killstreak - Biohazard - Friendlys get Hazmat suits, enemies are poisoned by gas. Survive if Tactical Mask Pro is equiped.

10 Killstreak - Tanks - A group of Tanks drive in the map, kills enemys when spotted.

12 Killstreak - Black Cat - Be the gunner of a PBY Catalina. Flys close to the ground, enemy names are really big.

12 Killstreak - B-29 - Be the gunner of the B-29. Just like AC-130.

12 Killstreak - Heat Wave - A heat wave sweeps the map, kills all enemys.

15 Killstreak - Atomic Bomb - A plane comes and drops Atomic Bomb. Only enemies die. . Enemies become slow and have distorted vision for two minutes.. Avaible in all supply drops.

15 Killstreak - I.C.E. Drop - Drops 9 crates, all good kilstreaks.

16 Killstreak - Bomber Raid - A fleet of Bombers come in and bomb the map. Almost impossible for enemies to survive.

18 Killsteak - Firestorm - The whole map gets lit on fire. All enemys die, inless Flask Jacket Pro. The map is completely destroyed. Avaible in all Supply Drops.

What do you want to see? POST!

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