Hello Wikians, I am forming an Elite Task Force. Now, this isn't a group of kids who just join in groups and play in the same match, this is an ELITE Task Force. Now If you join you will have to pass the qualification. Now here they are:

  • Must be a PlayStation 3 user.
  • Must be prestiged once, level 70. Any rank after this is fine, as long as you are a 70.
  • Must be a good player.
  • Must be an excellent sniper.
  • Must know stealth.
  • Must know how to use C4.
  • Must have the same classes (I will tell you If you join).
  • Must have both map packs.
  • Must be knowledgable of MW2.
  • Do not need a mic.
  • Must cooperate with other players.
  • Must pass training. (I will train you online if you join)
  • Must have the same clan as me. [ETFM] Elite Task Force of Mercenaries.
  • Must have same callign.
  • Must be Non Firearm Ignorant.

If you accept the rules, and would like to join, put your name down here and put your Gamertag. Message me. My name on MW2 is iam4aFight.

P.S. I did not choose the name, if you are wondering. I will send you a message of everything you need to know. you will then train with me. P.S. Pro Perks is reccomended to have.

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