• Crazimo

    The Community

    August 13, 2011 by Crazimo

    It's Pathetic. I do not know where to start... How about the children? Saying "my parintz let mee cuzz cus itsh kool" No it's not. Allowing your children to swear is bullshit. If I caught my kid swearing, I would smack him right in his face. Moving on. Quickscoping. WHO GIVES A FUCKING SHIT HOW YOU SHOOT A GUN? I say that actually aiming is the efficient way to kill, not bullshit fairy flips. Fanboys. Screaming that you like someone does not make you important, at all. Stalking them is just sad. Hackers/Modders/Exploiters. Play the game right, noob. And what the fuck is a noob tube? IT'S CALLED A GRENADE LAUNCHER. If anyone has any stories about the community, please post now.

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