Earlier, on chat, it was mentioned that some of the sysops had received some very bad news from an Activision mailing list. I must regrettably inform you that it is probably some of the worst news related to the wiki you will likely ever receive. Here is a screenshot of the email below:


This has come as a shock to all of us, and we will begin shutting down the Wikia sometime tonight. It has been an honour working on this Wiki, and all the users here have been great. I hope everyone can find a better Wiki to work on, and I'd like to thank every editor that has made the Wiki what it is today. I understand there are many other Wikis available to work on, these include Arma, Portal, Rage, Infamous, Littlebigplanet, Farcry, Operation flashpoint, Overlord, Lego and Sonic.

So this is a final farewell to the editors, the sysops, and Call of Duty Wiki.

Note: The chat issue that occurred earlier was part of the shut down script.

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