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Recently a lot of information has surfaced from Treyarch detailing how they will handle the Prestige mode, Combat training, Party games and more.

Combat Training

Combat Training from Black Ops 1 will be returning with some overhauling and new modes. In the ‘Boot Camp’ mode the player will face against bots as like the original Combat Training, however this will cap out at level 10. For Players not confident enough to go online may continue past level in the in the Combat Training ‘Objective’ mode in which 2 teams of 6 (3 humans and 3 bots) compete in objective-based gametypes, however a player will only earn half as much XP in these modes. The final Combat Training gametype is ‘Bot Stomp’ which a 6 players vs. 6 bots gametype in the players gametype of choice, this is an XP free gamemode simply for getting used to guns, maps and so on. All these gametypes will feature matchmaking to aid in finding games. Judging by the information Combat Training will not feature its own XP and instead will count towards the players overall level.

Custom Games

Custom games will be extremely customisable allowing the player to fit their preferences to any gametype, allowing for a greater flexibility. Also bots can be added to these games, and can replace a player if they drop out. Adding on this are some confirmed game modes and maps. These new modes being Team Deathmatch, Free For All, Demolition, Headquarters, Capture the Flag, Search and Destroy and the returning MW3 game mode Kill Confirmed. Team Deathmatch, Kill Confirmed and Hardpoint are all available as multi-team matches for up to 18 players and up to six teams facing off. Hardpoint is a new mode which will be Treyarchs take on King of the hill. New maps confirmed involve 'Overflow,' battles on the ruined streets of Peshawar, Pakistan; 'Hijacked,' close quarters combat on the high seas on a fancy yacht; and 'Express,' a fight at the Los Angeles terminal of the California High-Speed Rail – which is finished in Treyarch's 2025 – featuring moving, bullet trains that will kill you if you get in their way.


It has been revealed that all cosmetic changes will be unlocked via the in-game challenges, with over 1000 challenges these cosmetic changes will also be available to all weapons in Black Ops II. Many customisations will need multiple challenges to be unlocked, such as Gold camo and Carbon Fiber optics, there will also be hidden challenges to unlock unique camos and optics such as "The Steve," a curly mustache reticle. Players can still make their own emblems using a suite of options. Vonderhaar says that when you see a player card and they have a unique look you can't help but smile or wonder how they did it, "and when a penis comes up, you can just report it and we'll take care of that person," he quickly added. Since custom emblems are considered player content, that can be disabled on the platform level and the game will revert to default rank emblems.

Theater Mode

Theater Mode is returning yet again with some overhauls to aid in creating movie clips. A new option called 'Highlight Reel' will, when selected, scour the replay of a match and automatically assemble together a film of your best moments. Cameras can now be affixed to any object; including rockets, drones, etc. to make for some more dramatic films. Dolly Cam returns, players can record the first-person view of any player and parties can join a theater session to play armchair second-unit director. The mode now allows for 20 clips per film, but a series of clips can now be merged into one, so players can "go well beyond" the increased clip limitation. To find this content, Treyarch has enhanced its Theater Mode layout as a more "visual experience" with a simple up/down voting system and given players more control over editing meta-data and more.


The Prestige mode has also been revamped. Vonderhaar claims he is going “back to basics” with this, having 55 levels and 10 prestiges.. Weapon and Challenge progress will not be reset with prestiging. When a player prestiges they will receive a number of options, firstly they will receive a prestige token that unlocks any item of the players choosing to unlock permanently, similar to the weapon unlock of Modern Warfare 3. There are also another 3 options the player must select from, these include unlocking another custom class (with a maximum of 5), a stats reset for those that wish to truly start over after prestiging and finally they can receive a refund on all used tokens, locking all your items again and returning your tokens. For those that reach prestige 10 will receive a unique emblem and all the content will be unlocked for the player.

Source: Joystiq

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