Hello all!

We have five (5) copies of upcoming game Call of Duty: Black Ops III to giveaway!

A reminder of the rules I stated before:

  1. An account is required - Anonymous users can't enter the give-away.
  2. Winners can choose which platform they'd like the copy for. No one will be stuck with a copy for a platform they don't own, or don't want it for.
  3. We will have 5 copies to give away.
  4. We are only giving out Black Ops 3, if you already have it on pre-order and you win, you can cancel your pre-order or ask for a refund on Steam.
  5. Only 1 entry per user. We have checkusers and if anyone is found using multiple accounts to attempt to improve their odds will be disqualified.
  6. All the entries will have the same chance. There will be no special treatment for sysops or users with lots of edits
  7. Add your WIKIA username and nothing else

Additionally, if you are entering but have not made an edit on this wiki before please leave a comment below. This isn't for the sake of filling up the comments, it's just to verify your username exists. Since if I attempt to search your username and you have no edits then it won't show up. And I may mistake this for entering with an incorrect username.

Also, to ensure no one is cheating and using two accounts, you can only enter the form once. This means you will need a Google account in other to use the entrance sheet. This should not be too much an issue as I assume many users have one since they merged with YouTube accounts. If not, you'll have to make one, which should not pose too much difficulty.

To add on to the above, I have allowed it so users may edit their input if they believe they have made a mistake, however a user can still only enter once.

Also, winners will be announced in September (possibly the 8th to allow a full month to pass).

To enter, simply click here

Good luck!

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