World War II was one of the worlds most deadliest and far reaching wars the world has ever seen. This war brought the entire theatre of the world in to a devastating war. The French and Polish had their homeland occupied. Britain had their home destroyed by German bombers. Russia was forced to conscript after the massacre of Red Square. Australia, New Zealand and Canada was dragged in to a war of their overlords. Germany was forever scarred by the choices of their leader and Japan was devastated by 2 nuclear bombs. Over 60 million people were killed.

Call of Duty: World War II has decided it wants to focus solely on the US actions during this war. This was a war fought on so many sides by so many people, that focusing solely on the US does not do justice to the conflict. Not when they keep claiming this game is about "immersive realism". No other main Call of Duty game has decided it wants to solely focus on one nation in this war of the worlds.

For this reason, with relatives who fought in both WW1 and WW2, I cannot purchase an American made game that focuses solely on American soldiers. If this game is meant to showcase comradeship, it should have included far more perspectives than just one. I cannot purchase a game that refuses to acknowledge the actions of others, even if they give them minor roles.

If others feel the same way, please share your support here.

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